About Us

Think back to those times when you really had to dig deep to succeed. Could be that day you really needed to call on extra human speed to win that race. Maybe even that time you were in the gym and thought you couldn’t do one more rep, but you did. Where does it all come from? Is it just physical?

Or does it go beyond that?

We think its all of the above really. Your strength. Your speed. Your stamina. Your drive to succeed – it all comes from your KORE ®.

Imagine making this digging deep into your KORE ® part of your everyday life. Think about it. How much richer will your life be? How much more can you enjoy it all if you make a habit of it?

Life is about growth, excelling, improving and making success your way of life.

That’s what we did with the clothing line. We dug deep, searched for fabrics and designs that could match our drive and choice to live life more fully with KORE ®.

So whatever it is you choose to do, put some KORE ® into it!



Co-branding options available for your gym or club.

Contact: orders@morekore.com